SecuROM change my hardware

In most cases, your SecuROM™ protected application should run just fine, as long as you do not change too many hardware components.
SecuROM™ checks offline on every start of the application if the hardware has changed between the stored hardware ID in the SecuROM™ User Data and a recalculation of the current hardware.

There is flexibility (set by the publisher, but defaults to 60%) of allowed hardware changes before a new activation is required.

A re-activation is necessary, after re-formatting a HDD and new Windows setup, as well as after creating a new Windows User account. For software changes, the SecuROM™ User Data are stored on two positions (Windows registry and the user APPDATA folder).

Note: The Product Activation servers differentiate between activations on same and different PCs.

We highly suggest revoking your license before changing the hardware and to re-activate your application afterwards.

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