PC Game Crashes, Fails to Launch or Has Poor Performance

The most common cause of poor performance, crashing or failing to launch is having out of date or defective system or driver software.  Please review the articles below which may apply to you:

  1. Updating AMD/Radeon Graphics Drivers.
  2. Updating Nvidia Graphics Drivers.
  3. Updating Intel Drivers and System Software.
  4. Updating Realtek Audio Drivers.
  5. Updating General Windows System Software.


If updating your system software and drivers alone does not help, it’s possible you have a faulty installation which can cause a whole host of problems.  In this case, we would suggest a manual uninstall followed by a clean reinstall.  Please review the articles below which apply to you.

  1. Uninstalling a Steam game.
  2. Uninstalling a non-Steam game.
  3. Reinstalling a Steam game from disc.
  4. Reinstalling a Steam game as a download.
  5. Reinstalling a non-Steam game from disc.
  6. Reinstalling a non-Steam game from a download provider.


If any problems still exist, you may be having problems with compatibility or privileges.  If that’s the case, run application in compatibility mode and administrative privileges. It should resolve the issue.


If none of these steps resolve the issues you are having, please generate a new DXdiagnostic report as well as an Event Viewer report if you are experiencing crashing or a error messages.  Attach these files to a new or existing ticket and we will attempt to more thoroughly research your specific issue.

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