Max Payne 3 Ports config

Question: I’m having connection issues in Max Payne 3.  I tried bypassing my router and connection directly to the modem instead, and that fixed the problem.  Now that I know that the router configuration was the issue, I’d like to forward ports on my router so I can use it with the game.  Which ports need to be opened?


The ports to open are:

Matchmaking: UDP port 27900

NAT negotiation: UDP port 27901

Activation: Port 443

Other ports to open if still having issues — may not be needed:

  • 6667
  • 3783
  • 27900
  • 28900
  • 29900
  • 29901
  • 13139
  • 6515
  • 6500
Other potential conflicts to keep in mind:
  • Windows XP Firewall
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Tiny Personal Firewall
  • Zonealarm
  • Sygate (proxy)
  • Wingate (proxy)
  • Internet Connection Sharing aka ICS – provided by Windows 98SE and higher (proxy)
  • Linksys Routers (hardware firewall)
  • D-Link Routers (hardware firewall)
  • Cisco Routers (hardware firewall)

Max Payne 3 uses some Gamespy features. For tips, please see:

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