Max Payne 3 NSIS Error

Question: When I try to launch Max Payne 3, it tells me an update is available, but when I try to update it says “NSIS Error: Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installers author to obtain a new copy.”

Answer: First, delete your computer’s temp files: Start->Run->%Temp%.

If the issue still occurs, this error may mean that Social Club did not install correctly.  Please uninstall the Social Club application and then install manually by navigating to the folder ‘Redistributables\RGSC\ and launch ‘Social Club Setup.exe’ (follow onscreen instructions).

If that does not fix the issue, try uninstalling Max Payne 3 and then Social Club. Reinstall Max Payne 3 and allow the game to set up and update Social Club.

Note: Anti-virus programs may remove or quarantine necessary installation files.  Please verify that there is not a conflict, and if needed create an exception for Max Payne 3/Social Club or temporarily disable/uninstall.  If you do choose to uninstall, try Microsoft Security Essentials (free) during installation to ensure you still have protection.

Here is an explanation of NSIS Error from a Microsoft forum:

The NSIS errors may occur under one of the following conditions:
1. Software files downloaded from the Internet are not complete.
2. Downloaded software files have been modified from the original version.
3. Your PC is infected with a virus.
4. Physical media being used to install the program is damaged.
5. Required hardware (For example, CD/DVD drive) is malfunctioning.

You may do the following tasks:
Note: Try to install your software after each task.
1.  Delete the cache of your Web browser. To do this, in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 window, open Tools menu and then select Delete Browsing History….Next, click the Delete All button and also select the check box in the confirmation box that is displayed. Finally, click Yes to completely clear the browser cache.
2.  If the name of the downloaded installer files comprises multiple words, rename it to have only one word, say, SoftwareNameInstaller.exe.
3.  If available, download the software installer file from another approved source.
4.  Update your antivirus/Security software program.
5.  Disable your antivirus program and any download accelerator tool on your computer, before performing the download.
6. Thoroughly scan your PC for possible virus or spyware infections.

Follow the link below to run the free online scan:
The following thread discusses about removing viruses and malware online:…

Another workaround:
1. Open Command Prompt window, to do so, click start windows and in the search bar type cmd.exe and right click on it and run it as administrator.
2. Drag your installer file into this window.
3. Press the space key once and type /NCRC and then press Enter.

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