Game of Thrones RPG How to activate manually

You can activate manually Game of Thrones using a Manual Activation Key.
You can get a Manual Activation Key from another computer with an Internet access or from a smartphone.

1. Click the Windows Start button then Computer.
2. Open Local Disk (C:).
3. Open Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder.
4. Open Cyanide folder then Game of Thrones folder.
5. Open Binaries folder then Win32 folder.
6. Run ACPC.EXE application file and click Activation or deactivate product button.
7. Enter the Activation Key (Product Code) of the game and click Activate Manually button.
8. Click the link
9. In Serial Number, enter the Activation Key of the game then the Hardware Code, and click le Get Activation Key button.
10. In Your Activation Key, copy the Manual Activation Key.
11. From the game activation window, in Activation Key (below the Hardware Code), enter the Manual Activation Key and click Next button.
12. Once the game activated, click OK button and run Game of Thrones.

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