F1 2010 How use all CPU cores?

Install “CPU-Control” (It’s free¬†application). ¬†Select your process… For example game.exe – right mouse click – select how many cores to use.


CPU-Control handles the CPU-affinity for multicore-systems (supports quadcores as well). Instead of running each process on both CPUs you can define it as you want it. For example, if you want to seperate the firewall and the anti-virus-software from the graphics-application.

CPU-Controls offers five different ways to control the CPU-affinity:


  • Automatic: It chooses alternatingly one CPU for each new process 
  • Manual: You define a list, where you can set the way to handle each process 
  • All processes run on CPU 1, which is useful for old applications which crashes on a dual core system 
  • All processes run on CPU 2 




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