Diablo 3 Error 3007

Diablo 3 Error 3007

Error 3007 can occur in Diablo III when a computer is unable to maintain a stable connection to our Battle.net servers. The Battle.net connection runs in addition to other connections to the Diablo III game servers. Many players can work around the problem with the following steps.

Bypass Your Router
To bypass your router, plug your computer’s ethernet cable directly into your modem.
If this succeeds, it means that your router is unable to maintain the connections mentioned above. Your router may either need a firmware update, or it may need to be replaced. For information on updating your router’s firmware, please contact your router’s manufacturer.

Join General Chat
Joining General chat can help keep your connection active. To join the General chat channel:

1. Log into Diablo III.
2.Click the cogwheel icon in the chat box on the left side of the screen.
3.Click Join Public Chat.
4. Click General.

Set Up Secondary Logon
Secondary logon must be set to Automatic in order for Diablo III to run properly. For steps on checking this setting, see the Diablo III Installation support article under the subheading Verify that the Secondary Logon Service is Enabled.

Disable Security Programs
Security programs or other online software may be interfering with your connection to Battle.net. Turn off all background programs and disable your security programs temporarily. Please see our Closing Background Applications article and our Diablo III Connection Troubleshooting article, specifically step 6, for steps.
If you are not comfortable troubleshooting security programs yourself, contact the security program’s manufacturer for assistance.

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