Battlefield 3 ‘Origin not installed’ error

I’m receiving ‘Origin not installed’ when I try to launch Battlefield 3, but it is installed. What should I do?

This could happen if you are installing Origin in one location (C:) and then moving it to another directory which would break your registry key, or if you your permissions/programs set up in a way that Origin cannot write to your registry or register itself. This could also be a Battlelog compatibility issue with your browsers.

To fix this issue, please close the Origin client and follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Step 1: Check your registry
Open the Windows registry
  • In Windows 7, press the start button, type regedit, and press Enter.
  • In Windows Vista, press the start button, type regedit, and press Enter.
  • In Windows XP, press Start > Run (WINKEY + R) and type regedit and press Enter.

Open the folder HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\origin\shell\open\command.
The (default) key should be set to the Origin executable, like so:

If not, you will need to fix it by reinstalling Origin.

Step 2: Origin.exe /Register
  1. Click start
  2. Click or type Run
  3. Type cmd ( a black screen appears)
  4. Type cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin” assuming you have win7/vista x64 installed, otherwise type cd “C:\Program Files\Origin” (NOTE: The quotation marks are important )
  5. Path is now changed to the origin directory. It will sayC:\Program Files (x86)\Origin>
  6. Type origin.exe /Register
  7. Start Origin
  8. Play
Step 3: Run as Administrator
Right click on the Origin and BF3 Shortcuts and select “Run as Administrator.”
Step 4: Try a different browser
This could be a browser compatibility issue with Battlelog.Try downloading Internet Explorer 9 and launching the game with different versions of that browser.
Step 5: Disable Registry Cleaning Tools
If you frequently run Registry Cleaner tools on your PC, they can inadvertently delete important registry keys that Origin requires to function. If your Registry Cleaning software has an exclusions list or safe list, try adding any Origin registry entries detected by your software to your list of “known safe” or “Excluded” files.

This should prevent your Registry Cleaning software from interfering with Origin’s functionality in the future

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