Battlefield 3 on overclocked video cards

Intermittent issues with BF3 and overclocked video cards

If you are having issues running Battlefield 3, it may be that you are using a factory or manually overclocked video card. You may be able to run the game by slowing down the card 10Mhz.

For more information, including the utility needed and factory guides, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download Nvidia System Tools with ESA Support from:
  2. Read the User’s Guide for information on how to use the tool which can be found under the Additional Information tab.
  3. When the Tool is open, you will need to go to the Performance Device Manager, Select GPU, and then move the slider bar down 10Mhz.

IMPORTANT: EA is not liable for any damage related to the misuse of the above tool and information. Use at your own risk.

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