PC Game Crashes, Fails to Launch or Has Poor Performance

The most common cause of poor performance, crashing or failing to launch is having out of date or defective system or driver software.  Please review the articles below which may apply to you:

  1. Updating AMD/Radeon Graphics Drivers.
  2. Updating Nvidia Graphics Drivers.
  3. Updating Intel Drivers and System Software.
  4. Updating Realtek Audio Drivers.
  5. Updating General Windows System Software.


If updating your system software and drivers alone does not help, it’s possible you have a faulty installation which can cause a whole host of problems.  In this case, we would suggest a manual uninstall followed by a clean reinstall.  Please review the articles below which apply to you.

  1. Uninstalling a Steam game.
  2. Uninstalling a non-Steam game.
  3. Reinstalling a Steam game from disc.
  4. Reinstalling a Steam game as a download.
  5. Reinstalling a non-Steam game from disc.
  6. Reinstalling a non-Steam game from a download provider.


If any problems still exist, you may be having problems with compatibility or privileges.  If that’s the case, run application in compatibility mode and administrative privileges. It should resolve the issue.


If none of these steps resolve the issues you are having, please generate a new DXdiagnostic report as well as an Event Viewer report if you are experiencing crashing or a error messages.  Attach these files to a new or existing ticket and we will attempt to more thoroughly research your specific issue.

rFactor2 beta download

rFactor 2 – Open Beta

Image Space Incorporated has launched the open beta stage of their rFactor 2 simulation as interested sim racers can now give a content-limited version of the new title a try.
The beta version lets players sample most of the simulation�s features and several content items, including the historic Spa Francorchamps & Monaco Circuits as well as modern machinery and tracks.
The beta version also comes with modding capabilities, allowing the rFactor 2 modding community to get accustomed to the new features rFactor 2 offers to content creators.

Included Content:

1966 Brabham BT20
Spa-Francorchamps �66
Monte Carlo �66

Formula Renault 3.5
Renault Megane Trophy
Mills Metropark
Sepang International
Aut�dromo do Estoril

The beta version comes with most features of the finished version, ISI points out that some of the features are in different stages of completion, hence the beta status.


Single Player
Multi Player
Developer mode
Development Tools
What Documentation we have for those tools to date (in the WIP state)
Wet/Dry track transition
Dynamic track elements (Groove/Marbles)
New Tire Model
New physics
New Collision
HDR (with other Post FX to come)
Access to beta updates and new/updated content as they become available

To get access to the beta, a full retail purchase of rFactor 2 is required. rFactor 2 sells for USD$43.99, including 18 months of online account membership instead of the 12 months buyers of the final version will receive. The licensing purchase happens within the rFactor 2 launcher

Important: Make sure to download the rFactor 2 content files below as well when purchasing the beta!

Installation Files:

HTTP: rFactor2_Build49_Setup.exe
Torrent: rFactor2_Build49_Setup.exe.torrent


Modding/Addon Files:

This is an example Plugin/our API system.
rF2 Example Plugin.7z

RFMOD files:

Note: This is the car and track content from rF2. These will be RFMOD files, which are the new content packaging format found in rFactor 2.

Torrent: ISI1032-v10-RenaultMeganeTrophy.rfmod.torrent
Torrent: ISI1045-v10-1960sWorldClassRacing.rfmod.torrent
Torrent: ISI1044-v10-v11-FormulaRenault35s.rfmod.torrent
HTTP: ISI1044-v10-v11-FormulaRenault35s.rfmod
HTTP: ISI1032-v10-RenaultMeganeTrophy.rfmod
HTTP: ISI1045-v10-1960sWorldClassRacing.rfmod

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever VIDEO

Duke Nukem Forever, The Most Delayed Game In History, Is Finally Finished.
Is it possible the world actually did end, and we just haven’t noticed yet? The following news strongly suggests that yes, the apocalypse is upon us, and hell has frozen over: Duke Nukem Forever, the most delayed video game of all time, is completed and ready to ship.

duke nuke forever

Originally slated for release in 1998, Duke Nukem Forever became the most infamous example of vaporware in history. It seemed the epic development mess was finally concluded when creator 3D Realms shut down production in 2009. But shortly afterwards, 2K Games and Gearbox Software bought the property and said they would bring it to completion.
duke nukem forever
Now 2K and Gearbox say that the game has gone gold, and will be available on June 14 in North America, and June 10 internationally. The title will be released for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and for Windows PCs.

And there’s good news for gamers who can’t be patient for two and half weeks on top of the existing decade-plus wait: If they pre-order the game from select retailers including Amazon.com and GameStop, or purchase the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, they’ll receive a “Duke First Access Club” code, allowing access to a downloadable demo version of the game on June 3, via Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network or Valve’s Steam platform.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – released

Witcher2Tomorrow will be released The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The game is an upcoming sequel to The Witcher, developed by CD Projekt RED.
Before Assassins of Kings was officially announced, a video showing the game was leaked 2 years ago on 16 September 2009.On September 18, 2009, CD Projekt RED officially confirmed that the game is in development for PC and will be named The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.On March 25, 2010, the first gameplay video was shown to audiences. This gameplay footage showed the various methods that a player could use to complete the level. The demo at GamesCom 2010 also showed many different levels and characters for the first time. It has been told that the game has 16 different endings. The game features a branching dialogue system with full voice acting which was cast, directed and recorded in London.

According to previews:

* The game features timed conversations, with a default response being used if players do not choose an option within a certain length of time. Players are not presented with the full, exact line that Geralt will deliver, instead choosing from among short summaries.
* The combat system has been reworked, being “much more open-ended” and which “will no longer require the timed input of the original game”.
* The “sex cards” are not returning, although Geralt still has opportunities for encounters. These will involve cutscenes.
* According to a Polish preview, it will be possible to import saved games from the first game, although the exact mechanics of this system have not been detailed yet.
* Fighting alongside companions will receive greater emphasis, although they will still act autonomously rather than be under the control of the player. How players relate to these companions (both in conversations and elsewhere) can open up quests and affect the game’s ending.
* Meditation can now be done anywhere, provided there are no enemies nearby to prevent it.
* Geralt can now climb over walls and other such obstacles.
The plot of The Witcher 2 is intended to be less linear than that of the first game, and is supposed to feature “three independent plot lines” which lead to multiple endings.

The Witcher 2 is set almost immediately after the first, and follows from the attempt on King Foltest’s life which occurred in the final cutscene. Geralt will once again face the mysterious witcher-like assassins, who appear to be connected with a character named in previews as the Kingslayer. In a trailer, the Kingslayer is seen speaking to Iorveth, a human-hating elf. The Kingslayer displays a head which he claims belonged to King Demawend of Aedirn, and says that if Iorveth is prepared to help, more kings will also fall.

Other plot elements which have been referenced (but which do not necessarily correspond to the three plot lines mentioned) are Foltest’s moves to capture the stronghold of the rebellious Baroness La Valette and “Geralt’s personal theme, in which he’s looking for his own identity”.

According to a fact sheet released for the game, Geralt’s travels “will lead him up the river Pontar into the turbulent borderland between Temeria, Kaedwen and Aedirn”. A town named Flotsam, situated on the border between Temeria and Aedirn, will feature.
what looks to be a dragon in the distance
Characters returning from the first game include Triss Merigold, Zoltan, and Dandelion. A new character to be introduced is Vernon Roche, a member of the Temerian military who has been sent to help Geralt.
Though it is not not known where in the narrative it will take place (if at all) it may be speculated that Geralt will face off against a dragon. (may be speculated from the original, leaked, gameplay trailer from September ’09 which shows a dragon along with another of the mysterious assassins). Also a concept piece shows what looks like some form of dragon in the background of it, the only living thing in view. (to the right hand side)

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Brink pre-order bonuses announced

BrinkBrink is an upcoming first-person shooter with a focus on parkour style movementvideo game developed by Splash Damage for Microsoft Windows.The game takes place in the near future in an enormous floating city known as “The Ark,” off the coast of San Francisco. It was only meant to house 5,000 people, but ended up having to house 50,000. With it being impossible to maintain the city with a population of 50,000, the residents of the city quickly became unsatisfied with the lack of food, clothing, and water, and formed a faction known simply as “The Resistance,” demanding more of these essentials. After the Ark’s leaders refused, they armed themselves to seize power for themselves and distribute water and food freely, claiming that the Ark has plenty of renewable resources. The Ark had little need for a security force at the outset, but quickly began recruitment and went on a firearm shopping spree to counter the Resistance. Now the only place on the Ark where there is any level of peace is the area around the capitol, where the Ark’s leaders are frantically trying to contact the outside world for aid. The Resistance are looked at by security as terrorists, and the resistance look at the security as oppressive soldiers hired by the Ark’s “leaders” to crush the Resistance. Players will be able to play as both the factions.

At QuakeCon 2010, was announced Brink’s digital pre-order bonuses for North American retailers. Extend your customization options even further with the exclusive DOOM, Fallout, Psycho and Spec Ops packs. Each contains unique apparel, tattoos, weapons and weapon attachments for your in-game character. These pre-order bonuses will be offered exclusively through participating North American retailers and will be made available in Europe and Australia in the coming weeks.

The DOOM Pack (shown above)
Spread fear amongst your enemies with this exclusive character customization pack based on the world-famous DOOM games by id Software. Filled with a unique set of hellish customization options for both Security and Resistance characters, the DOOM Pack will make you stand out from the crowd and bring Hell to the Ark.

The DOOM Pack contains:

* Unique “Hellspawn” body tattoo
* Exclusive UAC (Security) and Cacodemon (Resistance) customized skins for the Bulpdaun SMG
* Exclusive UAC Marine Body Armor (Security) and Lost Soul Screaming Skull (Resistance) t-shirts
* Exclusive UAC beanie cap (Security) and DOOM bandana (Resistance)


The Fallout Pack
Attention, wannabe Vault-dwellers! With exclusive Fallout-themed character customization options for both Security and Resistance characters, the Fallout Pack lets you publicly proclaim your affiliation to Vault-Tec’s post nuclear simulation.

The Fallout Pack contains:

* Unique Fallout Vault 101 body tattoo
* Exclusive Vault 101 (Security) and Fallout New Vegas Vault Boy (Resistance) customized skins for the CARB-9 SMG
* Exclusive Fallout Vault 101 (Security) and Fallout New Vegas Vault Boy (Resistance) t-shirts
* Exclusive Vault-Tec beanie cap (Security) and Fallout bandana (Resistance)

The Psycho Pack

Push your Brink character even further with new and exclusive customization options. Containing a new weapon, a terrifying face mask, a unique Janus body tattoo and exclusive silencers, the Psycho Pack will turn you into a deadly and terrifying assassin as you fight over the future of the Ark and its inhabitants.

The Psycho Pack, when you pre-order through Amazon.com or Direct2Drive, contains:

* Exclusive weapon: the “Caesar” Revolver
* New attachments: The Resistance’s improved Soda Can Silencer and Security’s ArkTactical Silencer
* Exclusive Resistance “The Grin” Combat Mask
* Unique “Tortured Soul” body tattoo


The Spec Ops Pack

Kit out your Brink character with new and exclusive customization options. Containing an exclusive weapon, a new scope attachment, a slick combat mask, and a unique “Dogtag” body tattoo, the Spec Ops Pack will put you amongst the Ark’s most elite warriors as you fight over the future of humanity’s last refuge.

The Spec Ops Pack, available when you pre-order through Walmart or Steam, contains:

* Exclusive weapon: the “Hockler” Machine-Pistol
* Exclusive “GreenEye” Combat Optical Scope
* Exclusive Security “Sloani” Combat Mask
* Unique Dogtag body tattoo

What to expect from DiRT 3

Dirt3Dirt 3 is an upcoming rallying videogame in the Colin McRae Rally series, developed and published by Codemasters.It contains a new racing mode, gymkhana, which is featured in the teaser trailer. “Colin McRae” has been removed from the title of the game.The game will feature split screen and a cockpit camera view. It is scheduled to be released globally on 24 May 2011 for Microsoft Windows.

“This is the biggest racing game that the racing studio has ever embarked upon,” asserts producer Matt Horsman, and given this is the same team that conjured up ludicrously generous games such as TOCA: Race Driver 3, that’s quite some claim. Like that game the scope of DiRT 3 is vast, the roster of cars taking in everything from the Mini Cooper S that was made famous by Pat Moss and Paddy Hopkirk in the ’60s through to Kris Meeke’s Peugeot 207 S2000.

There’s much more in between the two, and DiRT 3′s vehicle list makes for heavenly reading for petrolheads. The ’70s lends cars such as the Lancia Stratos, the famously fierce Group B cars of the mid-80s are represented by Quattro S1, RS2000 and Peugeot 205 among others, while the ’90s gives us the Celica that Carlos Sainz worked his magic in, the sublime Lancia Delta Integrale, and of course Colin McRae’s iconic 555 Subaru. It’s no less than a celebration of the history of the sport.

And fittingly it feels like a return to the ideals of the series’ forebears – the Colin McRae games – with the addition of Finland, Norway and Monte Carlo as well as the introduction of the all-important WRC licence lending DiRT 3 a more traditional air. It helps that Ken Block, the American star that’s taken McRae’s position as series’ figurehead, has made the shift to the premier rally series, and as Codemasters returns to its roots its game feels remarkably more mature.
Gone is the elaborate, extreme sports flavoured front-end of DiRT 2, and in its place is an equally slick yet more minimal menu set, told in stark monochrome with occasional flashes of colour. Beyond it lies a game that’s markedly more attractive than its predecessor, no mean feat when that game’s sporting some remarkable good looks in the first place. A new lighting model ensures the cars now feel more a part of their environments, while the car models – despite the colossal number of them – are supremely detailed.

Those environments themselves promise to be just as spectacular. The aforementioned additions mean, of course, snow, but that’s not the only weather effect being introduced to DiRT 3. Rain’s a concern too, as are differing light conditions as some stages take place under the cover of night. Threading the 470 horses that sit under the bonnet of an Audi Quattro S through a pitch black, snow blanketed forest as the headlights bounce beams through the forest promises to be a unique thrill.

All this isn’t to say that the American contingent have been ignored, and it’s in some of the other arenas that the DiRT formula is reprised – albeit in a smartly refined form. The X Games licence is retained, and this time out the extreme end of driving is explored much more effectively. First up there’s Gymkhana, an event within tightly confined spaces wherein deft flicks and drifting are the order of the day. It’s a spectacular discipline that should be well served by DiRT’s trademark deft handling.
Easily the best manifestation of the fast and loose approach to motorsport is in the Compound, an all-new arena set in a more expansive recreation of DiRT 2′s Battersea Power Station. It’s an open-ended, free play area available both online and off. Featuring corkscrews and side missions, it’s like an automotive skate park that can play host to various mini-games, and as a multiplayer addition it promises a refreshing alternative to point to point racing – especially with the introduction, for the first time in the series, of splitscreen.

And all this is built around a chassis that’s already proved itself admirably twice before; as you’d expect from a Codemasters racing title, the handling is impeccably balanced between excess and subtlety that conveys perfectly the feeling of a car teetering on a knife edge, something that’s apparent in a brief stint behind the wheel of some very early code. It doesn’t give away much but already there’s a sense of refinement, with the best aspects of DiRT 2′s handling being retained.
Also returning are the crashes that have, thanks to Codemasters‘ unsurpassed damage model, become DiRT’s trademark, and they’ve been given a little added functionality. Have a spectacular prang and it’s now possible through the rewind feature to publish the video with the press of a button. It’s part of a bigger push to integrate DiRT 3 with social networks such as Facebook, which also includes the ability – much like Bizarre Creation’s Blur – to easily share stats and figures.

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